About Us

Who We Are

While the name Lenox Catering Company may be new, our team has decades of experience in the industry—both in the Berkshires and beyond.

We are a full-service catering and event management company that has worked with all local venues, and we can handle all on- and off-site events with ease. In short, we bring with us a breadth of knowledge and experience that ensures that our clients’ events are exquisite, stress-free celebrations that reflect who they are and are an extension of their personalities.

Executive Team


Donna Navarino – Director of Catering & Events

Lenox Catering Company’s Director of Catering & Events, Donna Navarino, has had a wide and varied career, working first in the tech industry in California, and later in investment banking on Wall Street. She left banking behind in 1990 when she moved to the Berkshires to start a family and open a kitchenware store in Lenox.

Ten years later, with young children in school, Donna began working in administration at the Lenox Middle & High School. During her summers off, she decided to put her strong organizational skills to work and began catering. It was during this time that Donna realized she was not only well-suited to catering and event planning, but she truly enjoyed it. She eventually left the school system, began catering full-time, and has never looked back.

In the last 15 years, Donna has established herself as a known entity in the Berkshire catering community. She has forged successful relationships with local vendors including rental companies and venues and has years of experience working directly with clients developing and pricing menus, coordinating vendors for events, and conducting site visits. Additionally, the tight-knit relationships that she has developed with her staff over the years ensure that her clients’ events run smoothly and to plan.